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Influence happens online but also at parks, schools, book clubs, meet ups and the carpool lane. Activate the power of moms sharing your products with other moms with BSM Media’s Social Samplers- moms with true influence on social media and in real life. Nothing is as effective in creating a buzz than “Word of Mom”  and Social Samplers are ready to ignite the conversation around your brand or product.

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Brand to Hand
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New Moms

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Not every Mom is an influencer for every product.  This important rule has been forgotten by most marketers.  Social Samplers recognizes that in order for a mom to truly influence the buying decision of another mother, she must be a respected member of her cohort.  This is why Social Samplers share your product in a way that is relevant and organic in nature to the hectic life of moms.  We align products with moms that fit your target audience and deliver samples at the right event, group environment, life stage or setting for maximum impact and relevance. You can be assured that your samples are being shared with moms who are potential customers in person and on social media.  Social Samplers have executed over 1 million sponsored play dates, in home parties and virtual baby showers and distributed more than 2 million samples to mothers in the prenatal to grandparent stage of life.  We look forward to sharing your product next.

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Nothing speaks more to the power of our Social Samplers than our actual work. We invite you to review case studies and see the power of hand to brand influence in action.

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